More updates

Was messing around using drush to mass update and cause one of my sites to drop.


Thankfully database restore was easy and pretty quick. I'll want to automate restoring since It was a bit of a task.

it works...

Database has been updated to MariaDB and appears to be working properly, using much less system memory now.


o0o MariaDB

So, going to try an update from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB 10.1...will try 10.0 to make sure everything doesn't explode.

Right now mysql is using about 60% of our memory (2GB) 

Fish tank rehab

Been working on my 55, decided to make it a planted tank...unfortunately I used potting soil with foam in it. And, neglecting hydrodynamics capped the soil with stones.

Worked fine for a bit, until a few stones moved and my tank is cloudy. That'll teach me. This is actually day 4 of this.